“Because of you, thousands of school children as well as all New Yorkers have more color in their lives and as a true believer in Publicolor, let me thank you!”
— Michael R. Bloomberg, 108th Mayor of New York City

“Publicolor plays an important role in transforming the city’s schools, and the lives of the students who attend them.”
– President Bill Clinton

“I laud Publicolor for its strong commitments and dedication to serving the needs of students and their communities. By transforming public schools and community facilities into vibrant and welcoming centers for learning and productivity, you help create an environment in which effective teaching and learning are truly possible.”
— Kirsten E. Gillibrand, US Senator for New York

“Wherever Publicolor goes, good things happen.”
– (Former) Manhattan Borough President, now NYC Comptroller, Scott Stringer

“Our scores have soared due to an environment conducive to learning.”
— Alan D. Cohen, Principal, The New Vision School

“Publicolor makes a difference at so many different levels. Kids get desperately needed mentorship and opportunities. Teachers get improved working environments. Communities get revived public spaces. And volunteers get opportunities to contribute and make a difference. This is a special program that is making a difference.”
— Adam S. Weinberg, Dean, Colgate University

“Publicolor is a valued tool in the Department of Education’s efforts to create school change. When students, teachers and parents realize that their school is well-maintained and viewed as important, the Department of Education knows that the academics and overall school performance will follow along. Jamie Smarr, Executive Director, Educational Construction Fund, NYC Department of Education”
— Benjamin Basile, Principal, MS 301

“This was my second time volunteering with Publicolor and I still continue to find the determination of the students to be so inspiring. This group takes so much pride in transforming their school, and their motivation to further their goals, both professionally and personally, is direct result of their involvement with Publicolor”
–Lisa Glover, Volunteer from Laura Davidson Public Relations

“The students are bright, dedicated to the work that they’re doing and excited to teach volunteers. I learned a lot! It was so rewarding, in just a day, to transform a full section of the staircase – one of the school’s main thoroughfares. I feel accomplished and look forward to getting to know the students better the next time I volunteer. Thank you Publicolor!”
–Ellie Levitt, Volunteer