High School

96% vs 66%

Publicolor’s on-time high school graduation rate in 2017 vs. their peers at public schools in NYC in 2017

100% vs. 69%

Percentage of on-time 2016 Publicolor graduates who went on to post-secondary accreditation/college vs. low-income peers nation-wide

0% vs. 9.5%

Number of Publicolor students who have dropped out of High School vs. NYC dropout rate for minority peers in 2016
“This is thanks to the DOE’s creation of transfer schools for over-aged under-credited students.” –Ruth



Publicolor retention (college freshmen return as sophmore), 2016


National persistence rate for low-income students, 20111

9% vs 77%

Lowest income vs. top income bachelor’s degree by age 24, 20132

30% & 24%

Entering freshman in the USA that are first generation & first generation & low-income, 20103


National percentage of low income first gen leave college without degree, 20103



Number of middle and high schools Publicolor has painted since 1996


Number of community sites and playgrounds Publicolor has painted since 1996


Number of students receiving multi-year college scholarships


Number of active alumni


Number of students who have worked for Publicolor since 2003


Numbers of volunteers since 1996

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