Paint Club
Where it begins

  • 9 under-performing, dreary-looking NYC schools become vibrant learning environments annually
  • Students gain commercial painting skills + strong, transferable work habits are mastered
  • Volunteers paint alongside our students and informally mentor them
  • Builds community and safety in the school + surrounding neighborhood

Joining the continuum

  • Weekly career exposure workshops 4–6pm
  • Weekly youth development workshops 4–6pm
  • Industry-centric modules include financial literacy, health + wellness, design careers and business entrepreneurship
  • Weekly academic tutoring 4-6pm

Next Steps
Preparing for college + career

  • Weekly career + college prep workshops 4–6pm
  • Weekly tutoring (all subjects are offered) 4–6pm
  • Two multi-campus, multi–day college trips
  • SAT preparation (6–7 weeks over summer and some SAT prep in every 11th grade workshop)

Summer Design Studio
Staying engaged

  • Work/study effective antidote to summer learning loss
  • Five days a week of literary and math immersion through product design, for seven weeks
  • Painting under-resourced community facilities such as local health clinics, homeless shelters, and neglected school playgrounds

Fresh Coat
Building professional skills

  • Semi-professional painting crew
  • Strengthens job-readiness skills
  • Participation in all Next Steps workshops
  • Transforms professional sites that include of gallery spaces, small offices and health clinics

Realizing their potential

  • Fill the gap between financial aid and the real cost of college and all post-secondary accreditation programs
  • Mentors ensure college retention
  • Every student receives a scholarship ranging from $3,500–$10,000 per year