How Paint Can Bring Down Walls

November 15, 2016

This October, Publicolor brought a community together to brighten its future! In the South Bronx community of Concourse Village, Kipp Academy Elementary School is a growing success story, filled with hope and respect. But when students and parents exit the building, they are met by a much grittier landscape—which used to include the aging brick wall of a parking garage directly across the street.

Fortunately, Kipp Academy asked Publicolor if we would paint with their students, and we immediately approached Abby Yaghoubi, partner at Upper Manhattan Development Corporation and owner of the E-Z Parking garage across from the school. He not only welcomed the project, but generously agreed to provide funding.

On two consecutive Saturdays, Publicolor students and staff guided a group of 4th graders, joined by parents, siblings, and faculty, in priming walls, taking measurements, and rolling out vibrant sections of color to create a high-impact mural. In just two weeks, the Kipp Academy neighborhood was filled with new color and hope—a transformation that the kids themselves helped create! One passerby even went out of her way to thank our staff and kids, saying “You have absolutely changed my morning!”